The WormSmart System is Just That - Smart

Our Biological Waste Treatment System has been specifically designed to process household sewage and waste water in a single tank, without the need of a complex assortment of pumps, blowers, aerators, chlorine dosing units, and other items that most other treatment plants use.

Biological Treatment Systems

WormSmart works with nature. The worms intercept the solids, including food scraps from the sink and digest them, treating the faecal matter along the way.

By working with nature and observing nature at work, it was obvious which path to follow in developing our proprietary Bio-Filtration system. Silently and continuously, nature is breaking down waste all around us. Unlike mechanical treatment systems, the WormSmart System lets the worms and bio-filtration do the work.

The design of the system ensures maximum surface area for good bacteria to cling to, and this in turn cleanses the wastewater as it passes over the good bacteria. That, along with the worms consuming the solids, allows what leaves the tank to be efficiently treated, in the land application.

Benefits of WormSmart Eco Septic Tank Systems