Initial contact with WormSmart

We understand that building a new home or renovating an existing one is not always a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday process. Often site inspections and questions can arise during weekends or after you have finished your busy working day, so we make ourselves available to you 7 days a week, yes you will get a personal reply from us on a Sunday.

Contact us via out website, email us direct on or call on 1300wormsmart.

During the initial contact we are happy to answer any questions you might have and after and we can provide you with an indicative price for your system, this price does have conditions placed on it, which we will explain to you, however it would be reasonably accurate.

Obtaining A Quote for your Treatment System

At WormSmart we take our quotes very seriously. Once we have quoted you we will stick to that price! So it is important that we obtain all the facts. Generally, a soil test or LCA (Land capability assessment) will give us all the information we require. But not every property needs to have one, your first contact should be with your local council’s environmental department or if in Qld the plumbing department to determine whether you need to have this test done then contact us and we can arrange the test for you with one of our network of testers Australia wide. Alternatively, we can help you with this and ask all the questions for you. In some cases, we can conduct the test. Once we have a copy of that report we can proceed very quickly with a quote. If a report is not required, then we will quote you based on best knowledge and subject it to council approval.

Accepting Your WormSmart Quote

A simple email or phone call to us is sufficient to accept the quote, we will then forward you an ‘installation’ or ‘supply’ agreement for you to read and sign. There is absolutely no deposit or requirement for any payment at this stage.

Permit Application

All new septic systems or upgrading of existing systems require a permit from your local council. This can sound like a daunting process however at WormSmart we have excellent relationships with all the councils we deal with and are widely recognised as an approved and accepted system, in some cases preferred system. We are very experienced in this application process and happy to take care of all of this for you. The application fee will be added to your deposit invoice prior to installation.

In most cases, we must email the application documents to you for signing. You will have to print, sign and resend to us for submission to council. Our team will take care of all the planning and design layouts. The application process can take between 1 to 4 weeks. We will contact you if there are any further requirements and once it has been approved.

Installation of Your WormSmart System

Once the permit has been approved we will contact you to determine a best installation date to work around your schedule. We will contact you again to book to confirm your specific day, we generally need 2 weeks to a month’s notice.

You will be forwarded an invoice for the deposit within 14 days of the booked in date. We will arrange and book any council inspections that may be required at this time.

On the day of the installation our fully qualified, trained and insured installer will be on your site at 7- 7:30am. It is essential that you have a person on site for the initial hour of the first day to confirm tank and trench locations with the installer, you may be asked to sign a document confirming these locations. After that we are completely self-sufficient, no requirement for power or water.

Most installations take 2 - 3 days. We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible product and service with a finish that you are happy with, so encourage you to liaise with the installer regarding a finish time and meet him onsite to go over and inspect the finished product, ask any questions and receive the keys and owner’s manual we provide.

Post Installation

On completion of the installation we will provide any documentation required by local and state authorities as well as an ‘as constructed’ plan. A copy of each will be forwarded to you and the council, we will also keep this information for our records. During the installation process, we would have taken photos and are more than happy to provide these to you on request.

You will also receive an invoice from us for final payment.

Our commitment and service to you does not end there, we contactable anytime to answer any questions you might have.