Should your system require a pump then you only get 1, we do not use pumps to remove ground water from the external of your tank to stop it ‘floating’ and we have never had a tank float.  We will not expect you to rely on an unreliable and un-alarmed pump to remove ground water from your tank during wet weather. These pumps are not alarmed and notorious for failing and / or not being able to keep up with the inundation of water, causing your tank to rise like a cork as they are not full of water like standard septic’s, even concrete tanks will rise. Our method, extra time and effort in the installation process means you do not have to worry, guaranteed. If your tank floats we will come and replace it free of charge! 


Our Vermi-Filter is better draining and allows for superior air flow whilst still maintaining a high level of filtration and water quality as well as being manufactured in such a way as to mitigate the inundation of the filter and drowning of worms should your pump fail and the alarm sound.