Retro-fit Your Existing Waste Treatment System

Is your existing, smelly septic getting the better of you? Are you sick of the on-going pump outs and weeds? Do you want an affordable, SMART alternative to your existing septic without the huge price tag?

At WormSmart we can fix your old smelly system and you will never have to worry about smell, pump outs or horrible weeds growing on your trenches!

If your existing concrete or plastic septic tank is still in good condition, we can pump it out and fit our internals into that tank. In some cases, we even have the water flow straight into your existing trenches. The smell will vanish immediately to never return, and the water from your new system will eventually clean out your old trenches and improve the surrounding soil.

You will then have of all the advantages that come with the top of the range biological septic system including; food waste disposal, garden waste disposal, no smell, no pump outs, worm egg rich water that improves your soil, and the ongoing and reliable service that comes with becoming part of the WormSmart family.

We are here to answer any questions 7 days a week.