The LPED Irrigation System

LPED Irrigation is a low maintenance system which, when used in conjunction with a WormSmart waste treatment system, will form an integral part of the waste management process. The irrigation system can be utilised in place of the high pressure system used with aerated waste treatment systems.

Our irrigation system is low maintenance, and it only needs a 180-watt pump to supply the irrigation lines to run. It utilises 25mm low pressure irrigation line which has 3 mm holes, and is housed in 90mm PVC Slotted Pipe. An 80mm flexible aggy can also be used. This acts as a root barrier, and the addition of 10 – 15mm clean stone around the aggy allows for good distribution of effluent; and when earthworms are added the process is enhanced considerably.

LPED Irrigation includes a 6-way indexing valve, valve boxes, flushing valves, irrigation line and fittings. The design is flexible, and each line can be run in series with a manifold taking the 200 square meter area to 400. The areas can be easily split by way of utilising the 6 port indexing valve. This valve allows the effluent from the WormSmart system to be directed to one irrigation line at a time – effectively resting the others.

WormSmart Eco Septic Tank Systems - Nature at Its Best

The LPED irrigation is enhanced by the installation of shrubs into, amongst and around the area.

The worms then live amongst the soil, and the irrigation channels consuming the fine suspended solids in the effluent and further aiding in nutrient reduction. This means that the treated effluent from the WormSmart system is polished off in the soil receiving treatment at both ends.

While he system is more labour intensive to install, but the kit is comparative in purchase price to other high pressure systems which generally requires a 30-minute service once every 5 - 7 years.