How The WormSmart Biological Treatment System Works

Step 1 – Drainage

Waste and grey water enter your tank from your house through your septic drainage or directly through the access riser on top of the tank.

Step 2 – Worms at Work

Worms process the solids and aerobic bacteria treat the water as it passes through the organic mass.

Step 3 - Filtration

The nutrient rich water containing castings and worm eggs filters through another organic and plastic micro filter into a separate sub chamber.

Step 4 - Irrigation

A high quality, Australian made submersible vortex pump extracts the water and sends it to the designated irrigation area where it will highly improve soil quality, and irrigate your lawn or trees at a root level. The worm eggs will hatch and burrow into the soil aerating it and allowing water to also seep deeper into your land.