Can we put kitchen waste into the tank?

Yes you can. The WormSmart AWSP (all waste single pipe) model accepts most of your kitchen and garden organic waste directly into the tank via the riser. We provide a strong and weather proof aluminium hatch on the top of your tank, that you can lock. Food and garden waste can go directly into this hatch or alternatively through an in-sink waste disposal system.

How often do I need o pump the system out?

Never! You are provided with a manual that outlines the do’s and do nots of what can be disposed of in the tank, if you follow these guidelines the worms and organisms in the system will keep processing the matter. The Worm Smart system is unlike other septic’s, it does not have a sludge or septic stage, there for you will not get sludge build up in the tank causing blockages or require it to be pumped out.

Will I get a smell from the tank?

No. The Worm Smart system does not have a ‘septic’ stage in its process there for does not produce any toxic or unpleasant gases or smells. The naturally occurring aerobic bacteria, fungi’s and microorganisms in the system clean and treat the water organically and wind power provides a constant supply clean fresh air to assist them in the process. The most you will get is a very mild and not unpleasant compost / earthy aroma if you put your nose close to the riser entry.

What happens if the pump fails?

The filter base on the Worm Smart system is larger and more robust than others in the industry which means that if the pump fails an alarm will sound to alert you, with ample time, before the water floods the filter drowning the worms. A phone call to us and we can generally talk you through a fix over the phone but if the problem is more severe we can be onsite within 24 hrs. We use top quality Davey vortex pumps so break downs are extremely rare.

Will WormSmart plumb into the house for us?

Generally, no, but should your drainage outlet and sanitary plumbing be installed prior to us installing the tank then on special request we can do this for you. A fee is involved for this. All our installers are fully qualified and experienced to do this for you.

Do you organise power connection for us?

No, we are more than happy to assist in trenching for the power cables and happy to work with your electrician on site during the installation, but will not arrange for the electrician to be on site.

Is the vent pipe required?

The air circulation within the system in vital for its function. To ensure the system is as sustainable and biological as possible we needed to do away with the requirement for costly and unreliable air blowers to aerate the tank. The 150mm pipe with the whirly extraction vent provided constant and fresh air to the good bacteria within the system. If you find it unsightly we are more than happy to divert it up to 12m underground and up the side of a structure or stand-alone support pole. Alternatively it can be painted.

Can it survive hot and cold extreme environments?

Yes it can, the ability to be able to maintain a constant internal temperature despite the external temperature is one of the systems unique attributes. This is again due to the fresh air flow from the vent and the biological process within the tank which self regulates its own environment.

Can we plant trees on the irrigation area?

It depends of the style of dispersal you have. Soakage trenching can handle small trees and shrubs planted between the rows to help transpire the water and irrigation styles such as LPED are generally best left as grassed areas but can cope with small shrubs. We can provide you with a list of recommended trees.

Can you do a gravity dispersed system?

In some cases, yes we can. Ideally you would have to have a slope of around 1m fall every 5m or so. Unlike standard septic systems that disperse from the top of the tank the Worm Smart system disperses from the bottom of the tank.