At WormSmart we truly do care about the longevity and sustainability of your new biological septic system, as well as the need to protect and maintain our environment. So we have put together a small pack to give you as a small sign of our appreciation for choosing WormSmart and because we believe these products to be the best available for septic systems and the environment.


Too many chemicals available today claim to be ‘environmental’ or ‘eco friendly’ and some of them are, but to what extent. Septic systems do not cope well with chemicals high in ammonia or soap powders high in salt and sodium and The National Geographic estimates that over 27000 trees are cut down every day to be made into toilet paper and then flushed down the drain.


Your pack contains 2 1 litre bottles of Earth Choice liquid, one for laundry and one for dish washing. Earth Choice septic safe and low in sodium, plant based, CCF accredited / vegan and like us 100% Australia owned and operated. It also contains 3 rolls of Pure Planet toilet tissue. This tissue is 3 ply and made from sugar Caine waste and bamboo. The National Geographic estimates that 27000 trees are cut down on a daily basis to be made into toilet paper while Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and considered a noxious weed so it makes sense to use it.


This is not a promotion from these companies, we have researched what we believe to be the best products available and purchased them to provide them to you. If you would like to purchase anymore we are more than happy to help you out.