WormSmart - Better by design:

Designed for simplicity and to work with nature and the environment not against it. Every WormSmart system is built and designed with you in mind. Simplicity and sustainability make wormsmart the easiest system to operate and maintain due to its unique biological design and high quality components.

A larger heavier filter ensures that your worms stay high and out of any rising water caused by a pump failure. Also designed to be a lot easier and cheaper to service or replace if ever required.

Single pump system means lower running costs, more reliability and not having a cheap and unreliable external pump to remove ground water to stop your tank floating in heavy rain. Our design does not require an external pump and we have never had a tank float.

Fresh air is circulated throughout the tank via a wind powered extraction vent and strategically place mosquito proof vents. Not air drawn through your houses sewer line vent and smelly contaminated sanitary drainage lines filled with faeces, this means that the worms, aerobic bacteria, fungi’s and micro-organisms have clean and constant air to breath, this increases productivity and water quality which in turn makes for a more efficient and healthy system and significantly increases the life of your transpiration area.

Heavy duty child and weather proof tank risers that are made from 4mm thick tread plate aluminium and have key lockable access hatches, ensures safety and security for you and your family, also lets you have more control of what gets put in your tank. No unsightly and unsafe compost bins.

We pride ourselves on being absolutely committed to buying locally made and manufactured products. Whether in NZ , WA, SA or the east coast we will use local contractors and suppliers and accommodation as much as possible. This ensures that money is being recirculated within your community.

Wormsmart is committed to the environment and recycling, we use new and whole pieces, not cut offs, to build your systems, in particular the large tank filters, and together with our waste partners Cleanaway we recycle all our plastic off cuts and cardboard.

We are constantly innovating and improving our service and products with development of an SMS alarm feature that sends a message to your phone and ours if there is an issue with the system, no need for noisy high level alarms that might be going off and disturbing your neighbours if you’re not there. We can monitor your system from our service department for you. Solar powered pumps that will ensure your system is completely self-sufficient and sustainable. Conditions and extra costs can apply for these features.

First class service throughout the life of your wormsmart waste system. We pride ourselves on being able to work with you and your requirements and wishes. We can arrange a free site visit with you to go over your unique requirements because we understand that every job is different.

We are certified soil testers and designers with a great deal of knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand regulations and can determine the best transpiration design for your property taking into consideration your wishes and the properties constraints. This can generally be done during a site visit and conversation with you.

Fast and friendly service that is second to none. We are directly contactable 24 hours a day 7 days a week if need be. Due to using high quality products and components we do not experience a lot of problems with the system however in the unlikely event one should arise we can generally deal with it over the phone but if need be can have a representative of the company onsite within 24 hours.

WormSmart is Committed to the Environment and Recycling

The unique internal makeup and design of the WormSmart system utilises natures perfect organic waste processors, worms, to digest and break up all your organic solids including most of your kitchen and garden waste. Organic matter disposed of in landfills rots and produces harmful, toxic and odorous gases as well as attracting a multitude of pests and vermin. The effects on the environment are devastating. Black water, or standard septics, have a sludge stage and high biological oxygen demand putting a lot of strain on the soils natural aerobic make up as well as not being able to process kitchen and garden waste, grease or animal faeces.

The clear odourless liquid produced by the system and expelled into the soil is full of worm eggs and castings which fertilise and improve your soil at a root level.

The very low wattage pump will only run when there is enough water in the tank to operate it and draws an extremely low amount of power so will operate without issue off your houses solar system without the need to upgrade or add to it. Wind is utilised to aerate the system without the need for noisy and unreliable air blowers. Naturally occurring aerobic bacteria within the eco-system of the tank and clean the water to a very high level without the requirement for chemicals. These add up to an environmentally sound and sustainable septic. Aerated waste treatment systems or AWTS’s draw and require a very high amount of energy to operate effectively and will generally not operate on solar without expensive upgrades.