The system is specifically and uniquely designed to utilise compost worms, aerobic bacteria and a multitude of micro-organisms to process and treat the organic contents of the tank, in this you are able to dispose of up to 90% of your kitchen and garden waste directly into the system either via the drainage lines or directly into the top if the tank through our laser cut 4mm thick child proof access riser. The system also has a natural air flow system that does not require blowers or pumps, this air flow system, we believe, is far superior to our rivals and ensures that the tanks internal workings are kept at a constant temperature regardless of the exterior temperature through fresh air circulation, this is vital to the fast and efficient processing of the organic matter not to mention the breeding and survival of the organisms living inside.  The fresh air is circulated through inconspicuous mosquito proof vents placed strategically on the outside and inside of the tank to allow uninterrupted fresh air movement from the outside right through the internal workings of the tank and out the raised air vent., smell free! And Unlike nearly all other septic systems on the market the WormSmart system does not have a septic or sludge stage therefor you will never have smells or gases emitting from the tank, ever!.