Thankyou for visiting our site and for your interest in the WormSmart system. We pride ourselves on being unmatched in providing a quality product with the best service. The WormSmart system is the result of many years of research and development, understanding and getting to know other systems in the market then learning from their mistakes to develop the most environmental and sustainable septic system in the world, we firmly believe this. Since our rebranding and re launch of WormSmart we have now installed hundreds of systems across Australia and New Zealand, in fact we now have systems in every State and Territory of Australia and New Zealand and working on systems going into northern India this October. We are members of the Australian Water Association and committed to providing a professional and impeccable product and service at a reasonable and competitive price. 

The WormSmart system is a very efficient biological waste water treatment system contained in a single tank utilising a completely natural process called Vermi-Filtration. The solids and suspended solids are trapped on the top of the Vermi-Filter and processed by the earthworms which are versatile waste eaters and decomposers. This results in a sludge and odour free process whereby the Vermi-Filtered water is transformed naturally into a rich liquid fertiliser that is distributed along with eggs and castings into sub surface irrigation. Hatchling worms burrow into the soil stimulating and accelerating microbial activity by increasing the population of soil microbes, they also improve aeration by their burrowing actions.


The system is specifically and uniquely designed to utilise worms, aerobic bacteria and a multitude of micro-organisms to process and the organic contents of the tank, in this you are able to dispose of up to of your kitchen and garden waste directly into the system either via drainage lines or directly into the top if the tank through our laser cut thick child proof access riser.


Should your system require a pump then you only get 1, we do not use
pumps to remove ground water from the external of your tank to stop it
‘floating’ and we have never had a tank float 


Each system is specifically tailored to your requirements, as we are certified soil testers and designers we can consult with councils and engineers to best supply you with the system that will work tirelessly and efficiently for you for decades to come 


We take our quotes very seriously and do not like to add items on once we are on site. Every quote will have a ‘terms and condition’ attached to it and we recommend 


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