Bio-Logical Waste Treatment Systems


The WormSmart system is a very efficient biological waste water treatment system contained in a single tank utilising a completely natural process called Vermi-Filtration. The solids and suspended solids are trapped on the top of the Vermi-Filter and processed by the earthworms which are versatile waste eaters and decomposers. This results in a sludge and odour free process whereby the Vermi-Filtered water is transformed naturally into a rich liquid fertiliser that is distributed along with eggs and castings into sub surface irrigation. Hatchling worms burrow into the soil stimulating and accelerating microbial activity by increasing the population of soil microbes, they also improve aeration by their burrowing actions.


Environmentally Sustainable Worm Farms

Well have a range of worm farms and worm habitats available for homes, cafes, restaurants, farms, businesses etc

No Permit Required

No Plumbing Required

Create your own little or large organic wormfarm. Most household waste is organic and mixed in with your wormsmart worms, you can create the perfect compost soil and liquids for delivery into your garden. An environmentally friendly approach to waste removal and garden composting.